• cause me to hear


    There have been many times throughout my Christian life, when I have clung to one particular verse of Scripture. I am right in the middle of one of those times. Wait a minute, did I just say middle? I like to think that I am at the ¾ of the way mark, but I know that is completely in my Heavenly Father’s hands. I find that no matter how many vitamins I take, no matter how much health food I might eat, no matter how many positive thought I might think, no matter how many prayers I might pray, it is, was, and always will be in the Lord’s hands. I am not saying that we shouldn’t pray, take care of ourselves and think about the thoughts Paul told us to in Philippians 4:8. However for me there comes a point in each one of my trials that I know I must stop trying and start trusting. I would like to say that I have grown enough spiritually that this point comes at the very beginning but I am not going to lie, not to myself or to you or most importantly to God.

    I believe that it is part of our human nature to fight for our health and for our life. But I also know that because of Jesus I have been given a new nature-one with spiritual eyes and spiritual ears. These certainly come in handy when attempting to walk through various trials. Do I always make use of these valuable assets? Once again I will tell you the truth-no. Why you might ask? For me there are many reasons, but the main one is that it takes effort on my part and I can tend to be lazy.

    Now I come to the verse that God gave me during this time. It is Psalm 143:8, especially the first part, “Cause me to hear your loving-kindness in the morning.” These words jumped off the page and began to take root in my heart. So much so that I wrote them on the big black board that hangs on the wall of my kitchen. I have repeated and meditated on this over and over again “cause me to hear.” Why not “cause me to see?” It seems to me that seeing would be easier that hearing. Perhaps that comes from a person who loves to talk and has to work at being quiet. But instead the Holy Spirit said “cause me to hear.” One paragraph back I admitted my laziness. Let me explain, I can hear, but all too often I am listening with my human ears. I want to listen for my phone to ring signifying a call from a friend, I want to hear the sound of my children’s voices and the sweet hello from my husband-these comfort me. They are easy for me to hear. But I realize in this very fragile life that these voices can be silenced. And yet there is one voice that keeps calling to me. I truly want to hear that voice above all others, but it requires fine tuning my spiritual ears and that means discipline.

    On my own I am not apt to do that and so my Heavenly Father gives me “cause.” You know most other translations say “let me hear”, but for me personally, I prefer “cause me to hear.” Something comes along totally unexpected to me and yet in His perfect will and causes me to desire His voice above everything and everyone. How greatly He loves me to send these special times to stir that cause up in me again.

    His voice is still and gentle and full of loving kindness. It is more than kind, more than loving. It is persistent and unconditional tenderness-a love that will not let me go. There is no sarcasm or harshness in His tone. He is not angry with me because I have let the cares of this world keep me from hearing Him. He even understands my own struggle in trying to make sense of the circumstances I find myself in and does not condemn me for my lack of faith.

    Hearing His loving kindness each morning is personal and directed toward my heart alone. The same is true for each one of His children. His words are for your heart and for your spiritual ears alone. Whatever you may be facing right now, join the cause with me and hear His loving kindness each morning.